Thursday, December 24, 2009


Im in a middle of confusion..
Don't know why am I still 'looking' at it when I don't need to and I hate it so much..
I've tried to forget everything but still it keeps coming
and it hurts me a lot.
Why is this thing happened?
Is it a test from Him for me?
Don't know where should I go to let off all these things...
Can they understand me?


Monday, December 14, 2009


I am very and truly sure that everyone had dreams..

The confusion that I want to bring up here it normal for us to have dreams every night while sleeping? Because I am having dreams every night and it is hard for me to have a sleep without dreams..

I thought everyone dreams everyday but one day when I was having a talk with my friend about dreams then I knew that not everyone has dreams during their sleep..

So..may I have your opinion about this dream thingy?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Man vs. Woman

Obviously these two 'creatures' are different. In the way of thinking, expressing emotions, talking, interpreting things etc. It can be said that every aspect in these creatures' life are done differently right? But there are things that these creatures do in slightly same way and they are also might have same interests..yet how they involve themselves with it, I think it still different.

Man and woman are very unique as we all know. Man has their own character and perspective towards woman and vice versa. Egoism is a thing which exists in both creatures. I've encountered a situation which shows the egoism in both man and woman vividly..There's a time when this lady had an argument with her man friend. The argument was about a small issue but had been interpreted differently. Usually woman's thought always influenced by emotion while man's thought usually based on rational, so that is when the argument come about. When they were discussing, they explained everything that they think,see n feel but all of them are different. The man think the woman shouldn't act that way and same goes to the woman..Lastly the conversation and discussion ended with no conclusion. But fortunately, the issue ended days later.

So from what happened, I think man and woman should understand each other. As woman, we should understand man's nature and for man, they should understand about woman's nature for we can avoid misunderstanding or whatever bad feelings that will come. A simple example that I can see here is menstruation. Every month women will have this 'special illness'. Anger, sad and anxious are things that women always face while having PMS. Hence, as a man they should understand this and shouldn't take too serious about what happened or been said (that might hurt) by the woman. It is not as easy as we could think but it is worth for our sake.

Things will be better if these creatures understand each other...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long or Short distance relationship?

Hmm..which one is the best? long or short distance relationship? Everything has its own pros and cons, so does this matter. What is the special thing hidden behind those condition? Have you
heard people say 'jauh bau wangi,dekat bau t***?' Those who believe in this think that when we are in a long distance relationship, we will only see the good things about our partner..because we don't spend much time together besides we cannot really 'see' them. So we don't know their condition thoroughly. That's why we will 'smell' the good 'scent' only hehe. But then when we are close, we always have time together, we can see the true color of our partner (not 100% but most of it). And that is the reason why we will 'smell' the not so good side of our partner.

I personally think that this condition might be true but it is bias in some ways. People who agree to this maybe in a state where they are frustrated with their relationship or whatsoever. For couples who have a relationship that is blooming like a flower everyday, obviously they won't agree to this.

Me myself think that a relationship requires a lot of commitment, sincerity, honesty and much more. People who are behave like what they have to, no matter how long or near they are, there will be no problem (big one) to deal withAdd Video. As a person, we always want more, and not satisfied with what we have. If we know to how to feel grateful and 'say' it to the Almighty, we will feel O.K in whatever condition we are in.

As myself concerns, I have experienced both conditions and I am glad that both ways give me lessons to learn from and neither conditions strenghten my relationship with my partner. Eventhough some of the things that we went through were hard but they are the things that bring us together. Everything happens for a reason and patience is bitter but the fruit is so
sweet are what we hold to and what we believe in. It might sound cliché yet if we trust and do it the right way, with God's will we will feel the sweetness and the happiness of something. So what do you think bout this?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Never thought her life will end in here,
Behind the bars of an empty room,
Dull,gloomy, with blood scent fills the air,
Reminiscence brings her where she starts.
Hoping it was just a dream,
Yet the dream turns into a nightmare,
Bringing her to give her life;
as she took another,
The noblest is the lowest.

She Is Colors

She walks in blue,
Like the blue color in the sky,
but suddenly she turns red,
Red like a chili,
When she saw an animal,
A four-footed animal like a cat,
Cat is an animal,
Under a tree, she feels green,
Green like the leaves on the tree,
Feels green as the air breeze upon her cheeks,
She is purple at home,
Cooking and cleaning turns her purple,
It is 12 a.m.;
She turns white
White like a corpse,
It is time to bed,
She is sleeping.


In the middle of a town;
Passing through the same lane,
On the forehead lies the frown,
For the men who are sane.

On their mind there’s no conclusion
for the empty soul,
As they live for one passion,
For the wealth until old.

The creator has been forgotten,
As they live for the world,
At the end they will be rotten,
In the grave, another world.


I give my all to have you,
Surrender my heart and my soul,
Sacrifice is all I do,
Put down my rights, also my pride.

Tulips, pink and chocolate drink,
Oh..I hate these stupid things!
But..whatever for you,
I’ll do to only you.

Let time passes by,
Don’t care for how long,
I will try.
Because of love, pride and rights all aside.
Because of you, anything I will do.

This poem is my very first poem. It is adapted from a play which I have forgotten its title huhu.but i will try to check and find the play soon.The title of the play will be posted once i have it ya.It’s just for the reference of those who are interested.You will understand this poem more if you read the play.Whatever it is,enjoy the reading guys =)

My Loved Ones

As there are requests for me to create a poem for my family,here you go..a poem for my beloved family =)

Like an angels with its wings,
Take me up to play in the rainbow,
And come down to share my sorrow,
That’s what I know of you, kin.

A family is a family,
From where I come,
To where I go,
A precious gift from Him for this little fellow.

This love will stay forever,
For you as life gets older,
A bunch of thanks from this heart that is sincere,
For all the kindness while we are together.

This poem is sincerely for you guys..sorry if it’s not sobeautiful as those out there huhu..but hope you like it.

To My Two Little Sisters

Childhood days, I remember,
Fight and laugh, always together,
Cling on to one and another,
For we are sisters.

Neither sadness nor laughter,
They bring us even more closer,
As we are left by years;
Leaving far from each other
to reach the thing we desire.

Distance will never make us distant,
Because in my heart we are still together,
Like what we were
in the old days, that I remember.

This poem is for my sisters who are far from our eyes (me and other family members) yet close to our hearts. Study smart, try your best and best of luck in whatever you do.

Love Letter

This poem is specially created and dedicated to Azlan Aminuddin.

The Love of my life;
Is the Sun that shines my days,
And the Star that guides my nights,
Indulging my love into thine,
Is an insatiable pleasure
That can never be reached from others of a kind.

Thou are my happiness;
Fills my days with laughter,
Showers my life with joy,
Burns my love with tender,
That makes my everyday alive.

Like a bud thriving into a flower,
That is how my love will be forever,
Because in my heart thou always be
Everything and more to me.

A stronger love each day is what I pray,
With a bless for this love from Him, The One.
Holding my faith to our love everyday,
For these two hearts to be ONE.
To My Dear Love,
My pure heart is thine,
Chained together and never be apart,
In the land of Eternity will they end.

Forever we’ll go,
Together we’ll be,
That is my love
for you My Dear,
from me,