Monday, May 3, 2010

A beautiful ugly lady

When the word woman or lady came through my mind, what I always think is house chores, a soft spoken
 person, gentle, a good cook, loyal and all the gentleness of characters possesses by a woman. Yet nowadays not all women possess these characteristics..due to their involvement in the development of the country I suppose. Many women out there are now standing at the same level as men do. Yes, that is an achievement as formerly women are always downgraded, and treated as the inferior gender, but this achievement also brings a condition whereupon the women are not a good cook anymore, they are good in cheating her partner (better than men do), they now yell at people instead of talk to them nicely. Here I'm not blaming the women as sometimes it is men who being the cause of this condition or maybe it is also because of the challenges that these women faced that make them behave so.

The story that I want to share here is about a lady who is physically beautiful, with her skills of painting her face, her kindness which can blind people's eyes and the gentle way of speaking with certain guys. I admit that for some people she is beautiful. Me firstly blinded by her characters which I can say caring towards others. But as time goes by, her not so beautiful characters emerge and they are recognized by her friends' eyes including me. The first thing that I remember she did is; one fine day she wanted to contribute her energy in doing the house chores by picking up the trash and bring it out. Suddenly on her way out, the water from the plastic bag dripped and she did see and notice that water dripping. But instead of she getting in the house and do the mopping part, she just started her car and off she goes. What a simple life she the mess and just leave it to whoever left at home. Plus, she is an expert in dressing up, and being smart in terms of her appearance buuuuttttt.....if you go to her room, you will be shocked as you can see her clothes and things are not being put properly at their place. Her appearance doesn't resemble her true self. What more about her is her tongue is like snake's. What she said is different from what she does but the funny part is she is not good in lying hahahaha.

Recently she has revealed one more character of her; she talks as if she mad at me when I asked her nicely. I don't know the reasons of she answering me that way. Maybe she thinks people around her adore and love her yet I am surely know that there are more people who don't like her than those who do. People are not blind, we can see and differentiate the good and the bad things. Who likes a woman who wants people to follow her no matter where she goes and what she does? We have our own just go on with yours. Who likes a woman who will be mad if we reject her invitation because of wanting to complete our work or to have some rest after a day of working? Who likes a woman who knows how to borrow money but doesn't know how to return it back? And who likes a woman that always take our things without our permission  (as if they are hers)but doesn't give back?

I thought an adult woman won't behave like this for they know how to think rationally, I thought as well that a woman possesses characters that are pure. Wanted to get married, and a good partner for herself who doesn't have the things that she expects from the opposite sex is unrealistic. Talking bad about this person is not my sole intention but unfortunately my heart is hurt because of this particular person. Being patient is what i do for nearly a year; giving what I can as a friend yet my patience has been challenged by her and I think enough is enough. At first I try and do think positively as I realize and know that every person has their bad side but too much of it brings me here and what I am to her now. I don't really talk to her as I don't know how to act nicely to others while my heart fills with hatred.

I hope that she will go somewhere else, going out from my life. I don't even care because my happiness is not depends on her. When I give her my sincerity as a friend, she gave me shit. So I just want to return it back but I want to give more. Maybe she doesn't know that she is messing up with the wrong person. I don't give a damn to what she thinks about me.When she is making face with me, talk to me as if she is mad at me, she still uses my washing machine to wash her stinky clothes and still use my iron to make her crumpled clothes look nice. She is a lady who is nice outside but ugly inside.Me hope that there is still patience in my heart for I will depend on it.