Thursday, April 29, 2010

Signature ;p

Just now me learning how to create my signature here..

It was fun! hehe. After all..below is my sigi. i loike ;p

When evrything went wrong...

I don't know why I am having many problems at one time..and it happens frequently..
Is it because it's me who don't know how to handle the problem? or is it me who brings the problem?
When I try to be the best, doing what I think is best for me and him, that is when the problems come. I am tired of having problems..I am tired for I'll cry every time I'm facing them. I'm tired when I know I'll have headache...I don't know what is the root of all these problems..everything is different now...very different. If my condition is like this, with no improvement, I think at the end I will admitted to an insane asylum.Maybe I have to find a job which needs me to keep on doing my work so I will not think about my problems.Please God help me...