Monday, September 19, 2011

The haunted hotel room~

Last 16-18 September I was among 'the chosen ones' taken to a place somewhere in PD. The place has a very beautiful scenery and it is BIG. Really. We were there while others were enjoying their three days holiday to moderate final exam question papers. They make us sick (@_@). Just imagine how can you sit in front of your computer for like not hours but days *you have time for break of course but just like few hours*. You will not only vomit out but it will take your eyes out huuu. Ok, enough of that. So back to the topic, the hotel. It is a four stars one *don't wanna mention its name though huhu* and believe me it is so very beautiful! But pity us, we will only sit in the luxurious room during the nights (T_T) because during the days, we will be in the hall to moderate the papers. The food is quite good and we were served like six times per day. The food were so tempting and I have to say bye bye to my diet plan for a while. 

Ok, move to the room, it is so spacious and cute and classy and I would give all the very good descriptions to it hehe. Everything was alright until we met the nights. *the horror story begins muehehehe* The first night we were there, nothing happened to me pheww~. But the next morning I woke up, my friend said that she heard something early that morning. When she was performing her Subuh, she said that she heard some noise. The noise of people opened and closed the cupboard. As if someone were there know, I was asleep. The story ends there because we don't want to scare others as well.

So the next day went well until early that morning. At 2 o'clock in the morning, near to 3 o'clock, I went to the toilet. After everything is settled, I went to my bed again and sleep. The night was O.K until we woke up the next morning. Guess what? The bathroom door was closed. Tight. And it was locked from inside. I was very surprised as it is CONFIRMED that the door was not even closed when I went out from the bathroom last night. And it is confirmed too that I was the last person using the toilet. We did try to open the door because we wanted to us the toilet badly *it's early in the morning aite* After the pulling and pushing the door trial failed, we turn to the technician asking for HELP!!! It was scary, it took me myself to stay in the bathroom for a short time huuu. But the funny part is, my friend said that there must be someone died in the sea next to our building haha. That's what TV serves us with :D