Thursday, October 14, 2010

I recommend this

Actually I want to post this entry long before but don't know why other ideas written first huhu
Just want to recommend this book...

This book is written by John Gray..and it explains about the characters of each gender
It's good for it teaches us how to understand our partner that there will be less argument with our partner v(^-^)v peaaacccee!!!!!
There are a lot of things that we need to understand about the opposite gender because they really are different from us in every way. Maybe we don't understand why our partner do this and that and we tend to argue. This book will help us to let the quarrels that we have before go away from our life and let the happiness visits us everyday
Also it's not just explain about the characters of others and help us how to understand our partner but then it as well help us in understanding ourself. When I read this book..the thought of 'Oh it's not just me who feel and react this way but WOMEN do'. I was a bit shock yet grateful cause I'm normal yay! ;p
A BIG BUT here....if you read this book, your partner must also do.
Because if you are the only one who read and apply the things explained, it's useless because the cooperation is not there
In relationship the partners have to tolerate and cooperate together as the saying 'it takes two to tango'
Other than this book, John Gray also write books related to relationships
There are many testimonials from the people who got problems with their partner for not 2 or 3 but more than 5 years but thank to God after they read this book they recover.
We love our partner, so why not we do something for the happiness to come? =)