Friday, May 11, 2012

Oh Sagittarians!

"It doesn't matter who you are or how the things are,  always have a back up plan for almost everything."

I tweet today, as usual and I found this one. Reading it I laughed because this is so true. Remembered the things I did when I was small...when it is about things that my mom doesn't allow us to. I always have back up plans. I;ll have like two or three plans in case mom found out what I did haha.

There was one day that I followed my sister to meet her boyfriend. She was in Uitm at that time and mom didn't know about the guy. We were with her bestfriend and her guy as well. So there were two lovebirds and me. They brought me just to cover things up. You know, going out with a little sister, mom won't smell anything. Before thaaatttt...forgot to tell...we went out at night. Boys, girls and night? It's a big NO for mom! So went to a place, talked, laughed like hell and we went back.

Flashing back to the situation in the car when we were heading to meet those guys, me was planning all the second, third, fourth, fifth *and the number goes on* plans. It was surprising to my sister and her friend that I was thinking of questions that might be asked by mom! I was like... "if mom asked A,what should we answer?" *we discussed* "Ok,we'll answer B". "If mom asked C,what should we answer?" *discussed again* "Ok,we answered D ok everyone!" and the brainstorming went on until we reached the place. And because of this, I was being called 'Mastermind' and they did depend on me for some reason haha.

So yeah, a Sagittarian *like me* always have a back up plan *at least* for almost everything! :D