Monday, May 14, 2012

People who laugh are people who are sad

Weird. Where is the logic that when we are sad, we laugh. Aren't people who are happy laugh and the sad ones will cry? It's the logic..but I agree on this when sometimes we laugh just to leave the sad feelings. There will be a time when we have problems, so much of it, that we cannot handle them at one time. We don't want to cry in front of others. We don't want to tell others about our problems and there is no other ways that we can find to solve the problems just yet. And so, to not being burdened by all the negative feelings and unhappy emotions, we laugh. Just to put aside the sadness, just to forget about it for awhile, and just to hide the problems from people around, we laugh. Then, when we are alone, that is the best time to scream our lungs out.

So not all people who have the loudest laugh and the biggest smile are the ones who are happy. They are hiding their sadness inside. It suits this people, 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.

"Perempuan yang banyak cakap,dan banyak gelak,adalah perempuan yang pendiam apabila mempunyai masalah dan banyak menangis,dalam diam" (UAI)