Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You are the best

My love, I did promise you that whatever happens, whatever comes between us and how tough the times are, I will still be with you. I have promised that you are the one that I am going to marry and live with. You asked me to be your soulmate until forever and I agree. You want me to be the mother of your children and I want it too. I found happiness when I'm with you. Even though we have gone through so many things, we quarrel, we fight, we disagree and we mad with each other, yet I am here, still with you.

We are far from each other love, yes we do. We see and face so many things alone. Physically. But please know love that every tough times and pain you went through, I will feel it too. I will be in the same shoes of yours. For the time that we are together, I know that we have tried and are trying to be the best for each other. That is the sacrifice we have made for the one we love, aren't we love? No matter how mad and how stubborn I am, you still stand beside me. And no matter how strict and how busy you are doing your work, I am still standing beside you. 

Love...along the time we are together, you may find a person who is better than me. More beautiful, more patient, cleverer, more matured and better in every single thing than me yet you stay. Because you said to me 'it is either you or no one else'. You have promised that you will only be with me for you have found your happiness and THE person you are going to spend your life with. I thank you for this love. Thank you so much. And me...I may know someone better than you too. They are not busy as you are, they are more good looking, they are more matured and better than you in things that I see. But love...I accept you just the way you are. I have promised you that I will never choose someone else over you. I have agreed to be your wife and so I promised you that. Even though I know those guys I've said above, you are still the best. They may look good for I don't know them but you are the best because we have been together for few years and we can still be together despite our weaknesses. You are the best because you can still love me even I have bad habits, problems and all the not-so-good thingy. Thank you so much for your kindness, love and care.

Just so you know my love...I love you, I really do. I will still be here with you as I have promised. You know me well, and I know you know that I really mean this. We had bad times, we found someone better but still we decide to be with each other. This is our love.

This is where the journey actually starts.

The happiness is ours, InsyaAllah...

My missing heart - Mr.Azlan-

My other half of heart is missing, he went to I don't know where. Even a phone failed to connect us. I went through sleepless nights ever since he went away. Everyday, I just hope that I can see him in my dream. Only at 'this place' I can talk to him, sit with him, touch him, smell the scent of him, see him and listen to him. Even it is for few seconds but I'm so grateful when I have these precious moments. No voice of him heard and I miss that macho kind of voice soooo much ;). Oh God please make the time walks faster for I want to 'meet' him again. For real.

The absence makes my love fond for him. More and more and more, everyday. Like a flower thriving, that's how my love grows for him. Dear, I pray and hope that during the time that we are apart, the days and nights are being good to you because I'm not with you if you gone through bad times.

Hope to have my heart back in the condition that is missing my absence too, the heart that waiting for the time to meet his other half too, and the heart that always put his other half in his mind and never forgets her.

p/s: Do come back as soon as possible dear.I miss u (T_T)

The right side of the heart is missing the other half on the left.
     Fadhlina +Azlan = a heart

Muslim women are queens and queens don’t shake hands with strange men

A British man came to a sheikh and asked, “Why is it not permissible for women in Islam to shake hands with a man?”

The sheikh said, “Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?”

The British man replied, “Of course not, there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth.”

The sheikh replied with a smile on his face. “Muslim women are queens and queens don’t shake hands with strange men.”