Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My missing heart - Mr.Azlan-

My other half of heart is missing, he went to I don't know where. Even a phone failed to connect us. I went through sleepless nights ever since he went away. Everyday, I just hope that I can see him in my dream. Only at 'this place' I can talk to him, sit with him, touch him, smell the scent of him, see him and listen to him. Even it is for few seconds but I'm so grateful when I have these precious moments. No voice of him heard and I miss that macho kind of voice soooo much ;). Oh God please make the time walks faster for I want to 'meet' him again. For real.

The absence makes my love fond for him. More and more and more, everyday. Like a flower thriving, that's how my love grows for him. Dear, I pray and hope that during the time that we are apart, the days and nights are being good to you because I'm not with you if you gone through bad times.

Hope to have my heart back in the condition that is missing my absence too, the heart that waiting for the time to meet his other half too, and the heart that always put his other half in his mind and never forgets her.

p/s: Do come back as soon as possible dear.I miss u (T_T)

The right side of the heart is missing the other half on the left.
     Fadhlina +Azlan = a heart

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