Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lagi best

Blog dah bersarang dengan sarang yang sangat tebal. Busy ke? Adela sikit-sikit. Tapi sebab utamanya adalah aku dah jumpa dengan benda yang lagi best. Tau pasal 'tumblr'? Haa..this is the thing I've found hehehe. Introduced by my sister. I consider tumblring as better than blogging. Why? You have to try it to know how excited you could be to tumblring hehe.

Dalam tumblr there's a term called 'reblog' where you can so called share what's on other people's wall *but with credit for sure* So instead of you can just read and feel the excitement of good quotes and opinions, you can also have them on your wall. Interesting aite? hehe. worries for people who loved to write because you can still write and throw your ideas on tumblr. No crime for that. Peace (^_^)v.

Once my elder sister asked whether I can handle these two babies when I first registered on tumblr. And confidently I said YES, OF COURSE! hoho. But feeling the excitement of tumblring, I did open tumblr more than I go for this blog. *Pity you huhu* but then to close this account, I won't.

For those yang nak try, you are welcome to do so. Tumblr is a world of full of colours.Trust me ;)

p/s:mine is

Thursday, August 11, 2011


There are times when I feel that..Im not supposedly be there. Im not supposedly say those words. Im not supposedly express my feelings. And there are always the time when Im melt, when I can't hold myself back from letting him know what is written on my heart.*sigh*

I love him. Yes I do.