Friday, January 8, 2010

New word for this week..

As an English teacher, we are in favor to teach students from all courses. But the course and classes which we need to teach are given. So for this semester I have students from Office Management, Computer Science, Applied Science and Accountancy. Different from last semester, my brothers and sisters in this term have better acquisition of this language.

Being an English teacher doesn't mean that I know everything about this language. Me still learning and improving my skills as well as my acquisition in every part of this language. One day, I entered class for students of Accountancy. One step into the class I was shocked because there were 30 people in there. I have never handle big class before and I was surprised to see a lot of people in there. Acting like usual, I started the class by asking them to introduce themselves. They were asked to tell me their name, where are they come from and they have to describe themselves in one word. So the students did what I asked. From the way they speak, I observed their vocabulary,their confidence level,pronunciation and so on and so forth. Starting from the front row, I just heard the simple words like 'simple,complicated,and funny ' as the description of them. However, I was surprised once again when a student from the back row said 'nifty' to describe himself. I was like 'what's the meaning of that word?' huhu. But I have to act like I understand that word for if not they will look down on me or they will lose the trust of a student to a teacher. They might doubt my knowledge if they know that I don't know that word.

Went back to the office, I told my friends about that and we learn the new word that day. Thanks to my student, I learn a new word.