Sunday, November 15, 2009


I give my all to have you,
Surrender my heart and my soul,
Sacrifice is all I do,
Put down my rights, also my pride.

Tulips, pink and chocolate drink,
Oh..I hate these stupid things!
But..whatever for you,
I’ll do to only you.

Let time passes by,
Don’t care for how long,
I will try.
Because of love, pride and rights all aside.
Because of you, anything I will do.

This poem is my very first poem. It is adapted from a play which I have forgotten its title huhu.but i will try to check and find the play soon.The title of the play will be posted once i have it ya.It’s just for the reference of those who are interested.You will understand this poem more if you read the play.Whatever it is,enjoy the reading guys =)

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