Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love Letter

This poem is specially created and dedicated to Azlan Aminuddin.

The Love of my life;
Is the Sun that shines my days,
And the Star that guides my nights,
Indulging my love into thine,
Is an insatiable pleasure
That can never be reached from others of a kind.

Thou are my happiness;
Fills my days with laughter,
Showers my life with joy,
Burns my love with tender,
That makes my everyday alive.

Like a bud thriving into a flower,
That is how my love will be forever,
Because in my heart thou always be
Everything and more to me.

A stronger love each day is what I pray,
With a bless for this love from Him, The One.
Holding my faith to our love everyday,
For these two hearts to be ONE.
To My Dear Love,
My pure heart is thine,
Chained together and never be apart,
In the land of Eternity will they end.

Forever we’ll go,
Together we’ll be,
That is my love
for you My Dear,
from me,


  1. wow~
    u really love him,aite?
    happy for both of you.. ^_^

  2. hehe gitula nampaknye..
    doakan ktorg ye ;)