Friday, December 11, 2009

Man vs. Woman

Obviously these two 'creatures' are different. In the way of thinking, expressing emotions, talking, interpreting things etc. It can be said that every aspect in these creatures' life are done differently right? But there are things that these creatures do in slightly same way and they are also might have same interests..yet how they involve themselves with it, I think it still different.

Man and woman are very unique as we all know. Man has their own character and perspective towards woman and vice versa. Egoism is a thing which exists in both creatures. I've encountered a situation which shows the egoism in both man and woman vividly..There's a time when this lady had an argument with her man friend. The argument was about a small issue but had been interpreted differently. Usually woman's thought always influenced by emotion while man's thought usually based on rational, so that is when the argument come about. When they were discussing, they explained everything that they think,see n feel but all of them are different. The man think the woman shouldn't act that way and same goes to the woman..Lastly the conversation and discussion ended with no conclusion. But fortunately, the issue ended days later.

So from what happened, I think man and woman should understand each other. As woman, we should understand man's nature and for man, they should understand about woman's nature for we can avoid misunderstanding or whatever bad feelings that will come. A simple example that I can see here is menstruation. Every month women will have this 'special illness'. Anger, sad and anxious are things that women always face while having PMS. Hence, as a man they should understand this and shouldn't take too serious about what happened or been said (that might hurt) by the woman. It is not as easy as we could think but it is worth for our sake.

Things will be better if these creatures understand each other...

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