Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long or Short distance relationship?

Hmm..which one is the best? long or short distance relationship? Everything has its own pros and cons, so does this matter. What is the special thing hidden behind those condition? Have you
heard people say 'jauh bau wangi,dekat bau t***?' Those who believe in this think that when we are in a long distance relationship, we will only see the good things about our partner..because we don't spend much time together besides we cannot really 'see' them. So we don't know their condition thoroughly. That's why we will 'smell' the good 'scent' only hehe. But then when we are close, we always have time together, we can see the true color of our partner (not 100% but most of it). And that is the reason why we will 'smell' the not so good side of our partner.

I personally think that this condition might be true but it is bias in some ways. People who agree to this maybe in a state where they are frustrated with their relationship or whatsoever. For couples who have a relationship that is blooming like a flower everyday, obviously they won't agree to this.

Me myself think that a relationship requires a lot of commitment, sincerity, honesty and much more. People who are behave like what they have to, no matter how long or near they are, there will be no problem (big one) to deal withAdd Video. As a person, we always want more, and not satisfied with what we have. If we know to how to feel grateful and 'say' it to the Almighty, we will feel O.K in whatever condition we are in.

As myself concerns, I have experienced both conditions and I am glad that both ways give me lessons to learn from and neither conditions strenghten my relationship with my partner. Eventhough some of the things that we went through were hard but they are the things that bring us together. Everything happens for a reason and patience is bitter but the fruit is so
sweet are what we hold to and what we believe in. It might sound cliché yet if we trust and do it the right way, with God's will we will feel the sweetness and the happiness of something. So what do you think bout this?


  1. hmphh...its kind of a tricky quest.
    Like u said sis, mmg both ade pro & cons.
    but i guess, a long the 'understanding' is there.. gonna be no prob.

    cume yang jauh ni satu lah susah skit.
    when d time u really need him.. he cant promise u to be in front of u in the next 10 minuter
    huhuhuh...sabo jelah *sigh*

  2. yup btol2..
    i wrote this pn based on what i see,face n think..
    both ad pro n cons
    sometimes we want to be close yet sometimes when we need time n space for ourselves, kt xksh pn jauh2 kan?

  3. NANA JIWANG!!!!!!

  4. well...ni la dinamakan seni berfikir haha