Monday, April 19, 2010

What the heck?

I don't know this is a normal thing that happens everywhere in this world that we stand in..
does old men usually talk dirty things to young ladies? It is normal if they have this kind of conversation among the people of the same gender but it is not proper to talk like that to girls who are in fact,not married yet yaacckkkss!
The story sounds like this..

In my office, my colleagues are mostly the people of young age.BUT...there is one person who I considered as the eldest colleague of us..His age is about 51 years. As my friends and I are young, so we found it so hard to get along and mix around with him. Once we had argued with him about the volume of the radio. He always turned it slow yet we will turned it loud again (actually it is not too loud). We listen to English radio channel but because of he doesn't have the interest in that channel so that's why this thing happened. There's one time when he
is bengang with us and said 'orang Melayu dengar radio melayu jela' haha. *ADA AKU KISAH?* What a narrow mind he has. Another thing is he stares people, rather that 'look' and in a way I think it's very RUDE! There are things that he did that annoy me but this particular one thing is so DISGUSTING; he said to one of my friends.. 'bila nk kawin?kawin ni best waktu malam pertama' (he did talk about marriage frequently but this one makes me want to throw out eeewwww!!!)

*There are actually so many things done by him but for revealing all of them, there will be no enough space to write..lalalalala~

Yes, you have married but then is it necessary to talk to a young single lady like that? There is one more thing that he said to us; once I said 'kenapala waktu2 camni diaorg ni cuti?' (regarding the people who need to approve my claim form)

Then, he proudly said 'tu layan lakila kat umah tu' and my friends and I were like *what?* you need to say those nasty things? You are like our father..are those the things that you talk to your children? But the funny part is, when he utter the nasty words..nobody entertained him huhu.Sometimes I do feel pity when we don't really talk to him but when he did things that I've mentioned before,plus the miang action, I'll feel like....*WHAT THE HECK?*


  1. kat opis k.dirah ade sorg.
    cuma dia bujang terlajak, juga botak.

    sgt x mnyelerakn biler die buat aksi2 prev gitu... euuwww ganda 100!!!

  2. eeeiii..yg bujang ni pervert sbb die bujang.
    yg dh kawin ni pervert sbb die ad pengalaman..adoiila...
    geli kot..

  3. giler geli. ntah cane bini dier kt umah dpt laki gatal cmtu. erk!

  4. haha..tau xpe..xkisahla kalo die nak ckp bnde2 censored ni sesame laki ke, sesame org sebaya ke ap kan..but die cakap cmtu ngn org yg lbh kurang baye ank die,pmpuan plak tu..anak sulung die mude setahun je dari kt ana..just imagine that..pervert giler kot..serious nk termntah bwek!