Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tears is not just a tears

I was sitting and crying just now. I was stuck in the middle of my problem. Don't know what to do and where to go. I didn't cry since the day I was 'given' this problem. There was only one or two drops of tears went out from my eyes and that's it. No more after that. But having this problem, it caused me not only a heartache but a headache as well. What a 'wonderful' things I have!Yay!! (+_+)"

And up to this point, I mean today...I was like can't bear with the feelings anymore and I cried. Not a heavy one but enough to release all the pain that I held for this long. This makes me think..why is it after I cried, I felt much better. Yes, I did feel this way before but the thought that I had have never came across my mind. So I asked Mr. Know All a.k.a Mr. Google then here I got the answer.

"Three types of tears are generated by the human eye. Basal tears protect the eye and keep it moist. Reflex tears flush out the eye when it becomes irritated. And emotional tears flow in response to sadness, distress, or physical pain.

Studies have shown that emotional tears contain more manganese, an element that affects temperament, and more prolactin, a hormone that regulates milk production. Sobbing out manganese and prolactin is thought to relieve tension by balancing the body’s stress levels and eliminating build ups of the chemicals, making the crier feel better."

These are actually taken from this site. *just in case you guys want to read the whole thing*. The word of God is always true. He creates everything in this world with its own benefits and advantages. 'Tears' is just a simple thing but it means a big thing. And so I have gotten the answer of why I will feel relief after I cried. Thank you Allah for this little thing that makes me feel better. For men, maybe tears is not the symbol of machismo but this not-so-macho thing can give you benefit. So don't afraid to cry.

p/s:I'm ok with guys who cry.

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