Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am what I am

I am fun
do the stupid things
Just to satisfy Mr.Youth
l am also with Mr.Nott Naughty

I am crazy
crack jokes over serious things
Make fun of things in front of me
Laugh over silly things

I am fierce
I get mad easily
throw out the harsh words
like other people did

I am serene
but only for some times
when problems step their feet in front of my door
for my heart says the good things

I am clumsy
it is when Im nervous
seeing someone I love
and when the responsibility needs time but I don't have one to give out

I am what I am
Love me for who I am
Don't love me for what I did and have
For once I couldn't do things that I used to do,you'll stop loving me
and if I lose everything that I have,you'll stop loving me
I am what I am
the belonging of the Maker

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