Thursday, April 21, 2011

The knowledge of Allah

I wake up every morning, I will see the book rack at the end side of my room.
I come back home from work, enter my room, I will see the same book rack behind the door.
On the rack, there are books, bought by me. And there are books that have not yet been read. Busy?Yes sometimes but wasting time is more. That is why those books are not yet explored. The minute I see those books, I will think of when will I finish them? This is the knowledge that I do not know yet. But the little side in me said that there will be plenty of time and I can spend those time by reading the books on the rack.
When I am in the office, I read blogs. Plenty of them have good contents..talking about religion, culture and all. I learned a lot from my reading.

Everyday, I 'meet' with many new things. Through my reading especially. Exploring things is interesting because then we know that this small world is big for us. How big is the power of God. The knowledge that He has is incredible and tremendous. The more I read, the more I feel that I am lack of knowledge, I need more knowledge and this make me realize how intelligent God is. And what intelligent people have..Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Grahambell etc.,are the reward from Allah. If we impress how these people can be so good in knowledge, think of how big is the knowledge that Allah possesses. Subhanallah..praise to you God.