Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Love You, Ya Allah

Alhamdulillah I am alive..still. I am able to breathe, able to see the beautiful people and things around me and able to listen to the songs and everything that give pleasure to my ears. This is because of you, Ya Allah. You still grant me with another life to live on.

Ya Allah, thanks for the greatness of life that you give me. A lovely family with kind parents,great siblings and a very special partner make me so grateful to be one of your servants Ya Allah. Good friends that I have beside me, they always being here whenever I need them. My dearie students who always make me smile make me love you more Ya Allah because from only you I have all this. Thank you so much Ya Allah for giving me such a great gift in this life.

Ya Allah, thank you for still remembering me, your little servant. You give me happiness, you give me sadness and problems. By having these, I know that you remember and love me. I am sorry for the times that I was so careless, the times when I was so forgetful...yet you still give me something that I can still cheer on. My mighty God, I thank you for you answer my prayers and answer all the confusion in my mind and heart.

Being with you make my heart so calm. The calmness that I will never get anywhere else. Ya Allah, you know what is in my heart. If this is THE guide, please Ya Allah, make my heart determine to do all this. Please guide me Ya Allah for I want to enter your jannah. I am afraid to live in the jahannam. I am afraid to face the punishment.Allahuakbar...

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