Thursday, June 17, 2010

Compilation of my art work

                                            Emily Dickinson

All this while I've been thinking of compiling my art work..I mean my poems. It's for my own self-satisfaction solely but if I got the chance to publish it pun best jugak kan..Once my lecturer asked us to publish our work if we do write poem. He asked us not to be the Malaysian Emily Dickinson haha..but I think I have to do a lot of improvement on my skills of writing poems before I confer them to be read.

The work of writing poem started when actually I've been forced to write one as my assignment. The very first poem of mine titled You and I did it when I was in my matriculation year. And the one which got response is Reminiscence (the first assignment of writing poem in UIA Gombak) and I wrote it just to be presented to my lecturer yet I did it according to my creativity and evertyhing needed to write one. However when I showed that poem to one of my friends, she said 'Hey, I like your poem. It's beautiful'. I was shocked but honestly I am very happy. is my first born 'baby' though ;p When I was writing it, I thought no one would understand and feel it but when I asked my friend who I've mentioned just now, she said she can feel and understand my writing well. So the feeling of satisfaction wrapping me from my head to toe and my heart shining with happiness. It is a feeling that no one can describe..(maybe that is the feeling of all the writers hmm...)

After that I started writing poem not just for my assignment, then I started to write it as I feel want to write one. No more poems for assignment and up until now, I'm still 'delivering' my babies huhu. Thus for that rationale, I am thinking of putting all my poems in one book. So that I can read them whenever I want for they are in my hands and I love the smell of paper so much! (I need to find a note book with old version paper;the one that is yellowish and have smell like the one used for novels hehe) As time goes by, not only Reminiscence getting people's feedback but also my other poems. Thanks to my readers for spending your time reading little pisces of my art work. I do have one that is not yet posted in this blog because it is specially dedicated to my loved one. I'm thinking and still considering putting it in here. Another reason of not putting the poem here is because I want to start compiling my art work in one special note book. Or maybe i'll do both huhu...

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