Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teachers' Day!

Kami guru Malaysia,
Berikrar dan berjanji......

*ok tak ingat lirik.Sungguh tak patut aku.haih*

16.5.2012. It's the Teachers' Day yall! For all teachers in the world, this is our day. Let's celebrate it!Yay!!! Ya..obviously I'm happy today, celebrating Teachers' Day with my friends. I was so excited yesterday, knowing that there will be a slot for us; teachers. I think this is the first time I celebrate this day *I mean CELEBRATE*. Before, I was just sitting in  front of the TV, watching news about Teachers' Day celebration in schools yet today we are being celebrated. So I and we feel appreciated today. Thank you!Thank you! *clap clap clap*

So...being a teacher is not an easy thing to do. Teach doesn't mean we just tell things that are written on the paper titled 'Syllabus' but we have to also educate be someone, to improve from bad to good and the list goes on. Therefore, I want to thank my teachers and lecturers who are willing to share their knowledge with us. To my friends who are teachers, me want to wish you guys a very great Teachers' Day. May we will be guided throughout our career and my wish goes specially to my mom. She is my very special teacher in my life as well as my siblings' *and she is actually a teacher who taught me when I was in primary school*. Without you mom, we would rather be no one than someone. I love you teachers!

Chocolate Indulgence for us from our superb English Department

Received flowers from students. Thank you a bunch guys! :)

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