Monday, October 24, 2011

Blind is love

Love is blind, and so blind is love. Love can make us anything. We are crazy because of love. We tend to do anything and yet willing to do everything for our loved ones. Love has a best friend called heart and they are rarely can get along with the one called brain. When humans, like me are in love, nothing can stop us aren't we? We will do things which people can only say 'eeeuuuwww', 'yuucckkss' 'what the hell are they doing' or people would ask us why we do such thing, why we don't just leave them, why we do this and that. But...because of love we do such things and because of love we do these and those. Yeah..people don't understand since they don't feel what we feel and they are not in our shoes to be frank. So it's easy to ask us to leave the person who they think is useless, stupid, irresponsible and what not.

Once I was called by a person for him to ask an opinion about his love story. He was mad at a girl he is closed with. So I was there listening to his love story. His love story is about him liking a girl who is much older than him. When he thinks about the girl, he becomes crazy yet when he thinks about their age gap, he felt there was no chance for him to have that girl. Boys...they think differently from girls. Age is not a thing that they can simply put aside when they are in love with an older girl. Guys..they are the one who will be the breadwinner, they have to consider about the age of the girl because you know..people always talk. And they like to talk rubbish. When a girl get married late, they will be given a name, which is spinster. That is because of these people who always talk nonsense. They gave a name for that kind of women plus they will talk bad about them. That is what a guy concerns for. What more about having the baby. Women have the age which I called as limit to give birth. They can't give birth like whenever they like as long as they are alive. Everything has its own rules aite? and so same goes to this. So when this guy was telling me his story, suddenly he paused for a while and said...'You must want to laugh at me because of this silly story aren't you?' and I replied 'When it comes to feelings, especially love, there is nothing to be called as silly. The thing may look simple outside but in your heart, it is complicated' And this guy thanked me for like being understanding. Yeaahh...I ate salt more than him (plz translate this to Malay idiom) ;p That is another thing about love. It doesn't care whether you are one year, five years, 10 years or even 20 years older than the person you love. Be it a guy or a woman.

Love cant also recognized what is it about you are already in a relationship. Even though you already have a partner, love can always come to your heart. You can easily melt for the new love if the love that you have have problems I suppose, or you are a person who easily feel bored or...I don't know. Nothing is impossible and of course, people can give reasons.  Being in a relationship, love can be very near, stay still between you and your spouse or it can be very far from you and later you will find a new one..or it can even be very near for the other side but the love in you went away. It can be anything and everything.

These are what love is and
Because of love, I love you:
To sayang

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