Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suggie Post

Hehe..feeling like talking about suggie or sugar glider this time hmm..hmm.. ;p. Few months back I've been heard about this cute little thing. Yeah I do want to own it for myself but then the cost for me to adopt this cute animal is quite high so I hold myself first. Then last week, this animal became so popular as there was a documentary about the suggie on the TV.

As been influenced by the TV, my sister wanted to own one. So yesterday we went to the Suggie Shop to have a look at those little ones. At first I thought this cute little thing is just like a normal pet where they are not moving too much but people, this kangaroo family is not as such. They jump A LOT! But having this cute animal is a fun thing because they are so cute of course, and need to socialize, if not...they can die (T_T).

For the time being, I still have to still hold myself back yet after some adjustment, maybe I'll have one too ;)


  1. wah..sangat cute la..ngee~
    nak jg..boleh la hadiahkan utk beday kite on 25th july... (=

  2. hehe boleh.tapi tggu i kaye sket dulu ;)