Friday, June 10, 2011

Too much trust...

Trust can hardly be given to anyone. Only the chosen one will get it and he should take a good care of that trust. Yet sometimes when we trust a person, they do not even know and easily break that trust that we have given. When this happened, frustrated is all we'll feel. A very big mountain fell on our head, that's how we'll feel. They don't have to explain or tell us whether 'yes I am lying' or the other way around. We can 'read' people when they lie.

After this moment, no more trust for the people who are lying. No more hope will be put for the future. Everything is gone. Everything is vanished. Too much trust can't be given to anyone in this world. I won't. Because I won't know what's in others' heads. Thanks to those who are lying or had lied since you taught me not to trust you and others.

p/s:People who believe in those lies are not because they are dumb but because they trust you won't cheat and lie on them.

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