Friday, June 17, 2011

Rasa macam nak makan pancake lah!

Hari tu *cam dah lama sebenarnye* pegi The Curve. Jalan punya jalan, jumpa satu kedai ni...Paddington House of Pancakes. Tengok jelah,tak masuk sebab tengah rushing. Tapi teringiiiinnnn sangat sangat nak try pancake dia. Bila cakap pasal pancake, it's not served only like the one in Mcdonalds tapi macam-macam resepi diorang ada for the pancakes. The first reason why I like pancake is because of the look. Then goes the taste and texture yang sangat lembut auuuwwww!!!!

Ni antara resepi yang ada dekat Paddington House of Pancakes

Cam sedap..yummeh!!

Pancake+strawberry=my obsession ;p

Ni baru tiga je gambar yang aku kasi masuk Tu pun aku yang terliur haha. Pancakes are not just pancakes. Ni aku nak kasi tau sejarah pancakes plak hehe. 

What are pancakes?
Pancakes are really simple food which have been eaten in different forms around the globe for centuries. Pancake is any kind of batter made with flour, eggs and milk, fried or baked in a skillet, on a griddle, or on any hot surface. Large or small, fluffy or wafer thin, and made with a wide range of flours, pancakes are given different names by different people.

Types of Pancakes
We learned that one of the earliest known pancake dates back to the 4th century B.C. and is commonly known as Chinese spring rolls. From then the world took on the pancake craze and the humble pancake has since ben known throughout the world by many different names :

v       American flapjacks
v       Old English pancakes
v       Hungarian palacsinta
v       Russian blini
v       Indian prata
v       Italian cannelloni
v       Swedish plattar
v       Mexican tortillas
v       Dutch pannekoeken
v       German pfannkucken
v       Norwegian lefser
v       Austrian nockerin
v       Welsh crempog
v       Jewish blintzes
v       Australian pikelets

Pancake Tradition
Even pancakes have their traditions. In England, there is a special day known as Pancake Day. According to historians these are feasts of pancakes to use up the supplies of butter and eggs. There are even pancake-tossing competitions. The winner is the one who can toss the pancake highest and catch it again in the pan, or one who can toss it the most number of times in a minute. There are also pancake races, where participants race while tossing a pancake.
Believe it or not, in Province, France if you hold a coin in your left hand while you toss a pancake, you'll be rich. And in Brie, it is customary that the first pancake is always given to the hen that laid the eggs that made the pancake.

In Holland, pannekoeken has been a favourite meal for the rich and the poor since the 17th century. Traditionally served for breakfasts, these pancakes are also taken during lunch and dinner. The Dutch is also famous for their poffertjes (dollar sized pancakes) which are usually served sweet with icing sugar and lots of butter !

The Austrian Emperor, Franz Josef I created the Kaiserschmarren pancake, which has since become an Austrian sulinary pride. In America, pancakes are common breakfast food. Served in stacks in most diners all over the country, these pancakes or flapjacks as they are commonly known as, are usually eaten sweet with butter, maple syrup and fresh fruits.

Different country has their own style of pancakes kan.Kalau Malaysia, pancake kita lempeng kot ;p


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