Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final paper

I've just finished marking my students' final exam paper. Their answers really amused us the teachers. In writing part, there were questions which asked them to write a paragraph long explanation for a topic sentence. The choices were..

         It is important for students to love their own college.

         Most students find learning English language difficult.

So, this one student my student answered the second option. We were laughing out loud when he/she wrote that students found it difficult to learn English Language because this language is haram!hahahaha! soooo funny!after this I have to 'samak' myself then after went teaching muahahaha

Another student not mine who chose the first option wrote 'students and lecturer can clear and smell the college' regarding the point of students have to make sure that the college is clean. hahahaha...marking students' essay makes my stomach and jaws cramped haha!

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