Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hunky-dory day!

Some of the family members (^_^)
 The good mood for Hari Raya is still ON! Even though this is the fifth day of it, the celebration and the happy feelings are still there. It's a hunky-dory time for me this year because I am now celebrating it at Kedah the place where we should be huhu and on the first day of it, a new member of our family born. This is a very meaningful raya for me. If I'm not mistaken this is the second entry that talks about raya though haha that shows that I'm very excited eh? ;p. As usual we take pictures during hari raya and there is not even one picture of mine that snapped without me laughing or smiling hehe. I think maybe all this while we are celebrating it far from our relatives. We do visit our friends' houses but no relatives means no excitement. So this year Alhamdulillah we get the chance to celebrate this day with our relatives...we just can go to Tok's grandma house and go back to our house to settle down things in a day. Our houses are near yay! Before this we have to stay at Tok's house for some days and then after that we go back to our house at Melaka but now we can go to Tok's house everyday if we want ;p
And another thing is the feelings of staying in a town and village is different. For hari raya, I prefer o have it at Tok's place, in a village, besides the paddy field hehe. I hope that this hunky-dory time during hari raya will not go away for the years coming for hari raya

The Baby!

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