Monday, January 4, 2010

Semester II begins..

4th January 2010, the semester begins with new students, new resolution and new way of handling students in class. Having a long 'holiday' of not teaching, my brain is working slow today,having tongue slip,and talking too fast haha. Having the power to talk in front of them again somehow makes me excited again..and that's why I talk fast and a lot!huhu

My first class this morning was fine. People in there was quite happening, funny and they talked a lot just now. So I was happy for now as what I observed satisfies me. And for that my class ended late than what I expected. Entering the second class today, my excitement that I had before going down a little bit for I saw the attitude of the students which I not favour so much. I know I have to be firm for this particular class. Being soft to them without warning on how and what I expect from a student until they behave like what they want,it will be like letting the snow smashing myself on an avalanche.

Used to face the problems regarding the students, there are new rules and ways of handling them. Thanks to previous students, I learnt so much precious things that make me a better teacher for my students ;)